Cyber Security Consulting

Cyber Security Consulting Services are central to our engagement model. Our consultants root their engagement on fundamentals like Protecting Investments, Adopting the Best-fit, Optimization, Predictable Costs, Feasible ROI, and strong alignment to Business. The outcome of any consulting engagement we execute would be a much-fortified Security Posture, with enhanced Resilience and sustained Defense Readiness against all forms of emerging threats. These offerings cut across multiple elements in Cyber Security like the entire technology spectrum, People (Skills), Processes & Compliances and the Financials.


  • Enterprise Security Architecture
  • GRC Consulting
  • Technology Adoption
  • M&A Cyber Security Due Diligence
  • ISMS, Audits & Certifications
  • Emerging Global Standards and Compliances
  • Custom Consulting Engagements

Our Approach to Consulting

  • Understand the current Business Strategy, Operating Environment & Major Stakeholders
  • Understand the as-is state of IT & Information Security
  • Meet Key Business Stakeholders to understand gaps and pain areas
  • Understand key initiatives, execution gaps, major projects running etc.
  • Collect relevant Information around IT and Information Security
  • Plot the IT Landscape, Servers, Applications, Network Devices, Software Currency etc.
  • Analyze VAPT Reports, Audit Reports, Ticket and Outage Reports
  • Evaluate prevailing IT Skill Matrix, Gaps, Key Partners etc.
  • Ascertain investments made, Costs associated with running current IT etc.
  • Co-relate the Business Feedback / Operational Metrics/ Current methods being followed

  • Analyze Availability, Cost, Productivity, Efficiencies, Performance, Sustainability, Complexity etc.

  • Explore Options on alternatives if needed

  • Observe ability to adapt change and at what pace

  • Visit Data Centre & Operations Work area & meet with IT operations’ Teams
  • Analyze key systems, logs, sample firewall logs, rules & reports
  • Understand Access provisioning, Joiners & Leavers etc.
  • Understand execution of operational controls and processes being followed
  • Observe Exception Handling
  • Color Coding of the current state of building blocks of IT Infrastructure & Information security

  • Clear documentation of issues with evidence

  • Pointed recommendations to alleviate or improve

  • Relevant Time / Cost / Complexity and Approach to bring the Change

  • Clear articulation of Cost benefits

  • Presenting the report to key stake holders

  • Handholding and Advising on making decisions as needed

  • Ongoing remote consulting for any key projects as needed

  • As per demand, execution and implementation of improvement projects


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Jayakrishnan is the perfect personification of a highly-skilled technology professional, turning out to be a versatile business leader, over the 25 years of his career span.

During the late ’90s, in his early years in the Indian Navy, he was pivotal in building and operating the best-in-class Network & cybersecurity solutions for the Naval Commands, apart for designing and implementing networking & wireless infrastructure and communication technology for Naval Air stations & Naval Aircraft carriers. Later in his corporate career, Jay has been instrumental in running and transforming globally dispersed IT operations, comprising of millions of endpoints and thousands of technology professionals, leading the entire Program Delivery, Technology Adoption and the Digital transformation. In Tesco Fresh & Easy – his past employers – he has led the design and implementation of complex and enterprise-wide IT Transformation Projects worth Millions of Dollars – And adding a feather to his coat of excellence, he has worked as the Head of Data Centre, Platforms and IT Security for QuEST Global Engineering – world’s Third largest engineering Services organisation. Jay has also been integral part of designing, building and transforming the global IT Infrastructure & mobility solutions across multiple Geographies, for various fortune 100 Organisations.

At Tecplix, as the co-founder and Director, Jay’s charter would be to lead and grow the Consulting Practices and the Technology Services Business. His focus areas would be Cyber Security, Hyper-Converged Platforms, AI, Dev Sec Ops, Advanced Cloud Services, Data Centres, Mobility, Automation, and IT Service Management, as Tecplix is well poised to lead large scale Consulting and Managed Services engagements in these areas.

Being a technology enthusiast, Jay spends most of his leisure time, bringing himself up-to-date on latest in the ICT domain. Jay is married to Reshmi and is the proud father of Suthirth.